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The Post Doctor Contractor Pack

The Post Doctor Contractor Pack


Contractor Kit Includes:

8   -  Post Doctors

1   -  11” wood boring bit

1   -  Phillips head bit

24 -  3” anodized wood screws

8   -  5” zinc plated thru bolts

16 -  Lock washers

16 -  Ring washers

8   -  Lock nuts


The Post Doctor eliminates the need for a high cost brand new wooden fence after your wooden posts have rotted from lack of maintenance or have fallen victim of destructive lawn equipment. No need to remove or dig up existing posts. Our system uses the old post and restores it back to its former glory and will add another 10 years to the life of your fence. Why pay $150/each when it can cost less than half that price. Also, good for rotted mail box posts too!!!

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